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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2023

The three-tiered approach to editing

Effective content editing is like assembling a puzzle. It involves developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading.

Human content creation remains unparalleled

A recent study set out to answer the question of whether AI tools could match the quality and effectiveness of human-authored content.

Helping Google to present us how we’d like

An increasing number of corporate home pages have very little textual content on them, which makes it hard for Google to find a description.

An easy way out of a pronoun trap

If a sentence is referring to a generalised, unspecified subject, it can refer to more than one of them, and we can use the pronoun ‘they’.

Should we try to fix broken inbound links?

I’d say yes, even though a Google spokesman recently disagreed. In B2B sectors where every link is precious, the exercise may have worth.

Simplicity is king in B2B websites

While many consumer informational websites become increasingly difficult to battle through, simplicity is king in B2B. Here’s why.

Nothing new under the sun

What have we got to look forward to in the next year of business-to-business online marketing? Our focus shouldn’t change.

Make the effort with the Company Profile

The company profile can be as requested as ever, because there are so many online opportunities to use it. And I’d bet it’s still neglected.

Presentation can make or break an article

To do justice to an authoritative, technical article, we need to devise a presentation style which falls between two extremes.

An interesting exercise in improving content

Find a popular query you’re doing well for, but which has room for improvement. Make the page better. See what happens.

How to set up value based bidding in search ads

Google has produced a useful guide to using experiments in search advertising, which explains why this sort of testing can be valuable.

Let’s talk about trust

We need to think about experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, and work particularly hard on demonstrating the latter.

PDFs are not duplicate content

Ignore anyone recommending that you remove your PDF documents from Google’s crawls just to avoid some sort of SEO duplicate content problem.

URL tracking: safe for now?

Keep monitoring how far browsers are going but there is no expectation that things will get out of hand, say the experts.