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An interesting exercise in improving content

Try this.

  1. In Google Search Console, find a popular query you’re doing well for, but which has room for improvement. To do this, click ‘Performance’, and across the top, ensure it shows ‘Web’, ‘Last 3 Months’ and ‘United Kingdom’.
  2. Above the graph, highlight all four panels (‘Total clicks’, ‘Total impressions’, ‘Average CTR’ and ‘Average position’).
  3. Below the graph, click ‘Queries’.
  4. On the right, click ‘Position’ until you get an up arrow (i.e. so the table is formatted in increasing position).
  5. Now you can see the search queries that your site is ranking highest for, regardless of their popularity. Scroll down to find a search that (a) has a position around 4–6, (b) has a decent number of searches compared to those around it, and (c) seems commercially useful. You may need to go to the second or third page.
  6. Click on the query itself, then ‘Pages’. This will show the page that searchers are being pointed towards. Make a note of the clicks, impressions, CTR and position.
  7. Find that page on your website, and expand and update the content as much as you can. Note how long it took you.
  8. A few weeks later, repeat the above, find the same query and compare the clicks, CTR and position. Work out if the additional traffic was worth the effort involved in updating the page.