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What do your emails look like in Dark Mode?

“Dark Mode” refers to a display setting that features a dark background with light text and icons, designed to reduce glare and be easier to view in dim lighting or during the evening hours. The approach is gaining popularity across various apps, operating systems and devices, with technology companies like Apple having integrated it into their operating systems. Many find Dark Mode appealing for reasons including:

  1. It’s gentler on the eyes: The contrast of light text on a dark background can be less straining to look at, especially in environments where the lighting is subdued.
  2. It conserves battery life: By lowering the overall screen brightness, Dark Mode can help extend battery life.
  3. It enhances readability: For some, this mode makes reading and absorbing information on screens more comfortable, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  4. It suits personal taste: Some users simply prefer the aesthetic of a darker interface, finding it visually pleasing.

The reason it’s worth bearing in mind is because most of us send out a lot of promotional and transactional emails …and I suspect many haven’t been tested in Dark Mode. One of the biggest problems can be text links, which can be converted (or not) to colours that are hard to distinguish on a black background. Who’s looked at theirs?