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Time to eliminate those borrowed generic photos

I think we can safely assume that Generative AI will kill off a section of the ‘stock image’ industry as we know it. I can just go onto Dall-E via GPT4 and ask it for a original image of just about anything, and (perhaps after a few attempts) get one exactly as I want it. This means we might eventually see the end of the same generic photos appearing on hundreds of websites, illustrating ‘having a meeting’ or ‘our operator is ready to take your call’.

Many of the stock photo libraries have been making a lot of money in recent years by tracking down unpaid use of their images and sending in large bills for what is technically theft. I suspect that many websites have many such ‘borrowed’ images lurking around on them, perhaps posted in all innocence several years ago. These remain a potential liability. Now that they can be replaced quickly and easily with something original, it might be worth all of us having an audit of the images on our websites which we don’t obviously own.