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Keeping the cost down on own-brand searches

We’ve always recommended to most of our clients that they run search ads against their own company name and brands. It ensures that the search engine results page for searches on these terms is dominated by the company, and it’s not expensive.

Or at least, it shouldn’t be!

What happens if the cost does start to creep up? It might be worth investigating if the advertising is truly only appearing where we want it to. For example, ‘broad match’ advertising against a brand can result in all sorts of unwanted appearances. There have even been reports of Google associating our brands with competitive ones, considering them (incorrectly) as synonyms, and running our ads there too!

This can be checked by looking at the search terms which enabled the ads to run.

Another possibility is that competitors are bidding on our own brand terms. This is quite legitimate, but can push costs up by creating an auction. Again, we can check in Google Ads by looking at ‘Auction Insights’.

Finally, have we got a 10/10 ‘Quality Score’ for our ads? We really should do, if we’re advertising our branded website against searches on that brand, using an ad with the brand in the copy. But it’s easy to let that obvious combination slip.