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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2023

The changing face of marketing in 2024

The articles looking ahead to trends next year are already starting to appear. I’d recommend taking a look at this one.

Generative AI to anticipate objections

If any of us here present don’t think an instant analysis like this of our sales copy will improve it, then truly, I take my hat off to you.

More on automatically-created assets

A recent Twitter thread from Google has provided more information about automatically-created assets in everyday language.

A checklist for mobile users

For anyone still unsure what a site designed for mobile viewing looks like, open up the site on a mobile phone and answer these questions.

Write like you would for people

Google knows what’s well-intentioned content aimed at people, and what’s been mangled to supposedly appeal to machines.

Using QR codes as inspiration

Consideration of the opportunities QR codes offer might also suggest some services we perhaps should be providing.

Keeping an eye on the business environment with PESTLE

A SWOT analysis focuses on the internal workings of a company. A PESTLE analysis sheds light on the external influences that might affect it.

Going beyond email open rate

We probably need to be more sophisticated about what we track in emails. Click Rate, Conversion Rate, List Growth and ROI are options.

Time to close that social media account?

Has your business set up social media accounts that are no longer used, or indeed perhaps never were? Should you delete them?

Learn about AI for free

A couple of the biggest names in the online world, Amazon and Google, have come up with some free training courses around AI.

What do your emails look like in Dark Mode?

Most of us send out a lot of promotional and transactional emails …and I suspect many haven’t been tested in Dark Mode.

What to bear in mind about chatbots

Chatbots can be ‘trained’ to understand our data, and will eventually be able to assist as well as a knowledgeable salesperson.

Keeping the cost down on own-brand searches

Companies should run search ads against their own company name and brands. But what happens if the cost starts to creep up?

Has social media hit the buffers?

I’ve seen a few articles recently asking if social media is dying as a business marketing tool. Do we want to be seen on them at all nowadays?

Flagging new content with IndexNow

IndexNow directly alerts search engines with a simple notification whenever a URL is added, changed, or removed.

A useful exercise in getting to know GA4

Many people want to get more proficient with Google Analytics 4, and having specific exercises to undertake is a good way of doing that.

Time to eliminate those borrowed generic photos

AI means we might eventually see the end of the same generic photos appearing on hundreds of websites, illustrating ‘having a meeting’.

Are Google updates important?

Usually, there’s nothing to do, for most of us. It is worth regularly monitoring where we rank in search for key terms, however.

‘Remarketing’ vs ‘retargeting’ explained

With many advertising services referring to remarketing when they mean retargeting, it’s easy to overlook one of them.

Ensuring ads are seen in the right places

Google Ads has always offered ways to avoid certain sites on its Display Network, but is now introducing easier selection by ‘theme’

Are Google search ads on the move?

Google seems to be testing ads within the search results, quite high up, rather than just running them at the top.