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Are Google updates important?

Google has just published a useful Q&A about its famous ‘search updates’. The company says: “We update Google Search thousands of times per year. We don’t share about all these updates, because many of them are relatively small and make incremental changes. We do share about updates we think are notable. We shared 10 updates in 2021, another 10 updates in 2022, and expect about the same in 2023.”

Usually, there’s nothing to do for most of us if our websites contain helpful, “people-first” content. Updates are designed to help good sites in the rankings. It is worth regularly monitoring where we rank in search for key terms, however. I’ve always recommended that as being an essential marketing task. If an update does affect us negatively, we need to know as soon as possible, so we can do something about it.

Read A Q&A on Google Search updates on the Google Search Central blog.