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A useful exercise in getting to know GA4

I really liked the article The 3-Minute GA4-Powered Website Audit: How to Find Bugs, Bad URLs and Broken Links on Your Website on the Orbit Media blog. Many people want to get more proficient with Google Analytics 4, and having specific exercises to undertake is a good way of doing that. The article points out that GA4 can be a fast, efficient and free audit tool, and any of us who’ve got it up and running are just clicks away from the answers to each of these useful questions:

  • Are there broken pages or bad URLs?
  • Are there broken internal links between your pages?
  • Is your site working well in every browser?
  • Is your shopping cart broken on certain browsers? (ecommerce)
  • Is your site not working on some devices?
  • Is there a sudden drop in traffic?
  • Are there searches with no search results?

Follow the instructions in the article to find out how to undertake each exercise.