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What can we do about search engine recommendations?

In the last two articles, I’ve looked at what the new AI-powered searches return when asked to recommend suppliers and what this means. Now I guess we have to work out what we can do about it.

If the search engines’ chat results are giving a list of suppliers which is coming from a respectable source, the only way to appear may be to get on that list. I hope the search engine AI is smart enough to steal the information from independent, non-commercial sites, so to get on the list is to appear on those sites’ lists. That may be easier said than done in many markets.

Bing’s supplementary links are slightly baffling, as (in the example I used, at least) they appear to include advertiser links. Getting into that result should be straightforward – it will mean ensuring that we’re a prominent advertiser in the relevant search result.

Finally, what if there’s no decent list of suppliers in our sector for the search engines to steal? Could we make one, and ensure we’re featured on it? Perhaps we might see a return to the old SEO practice of making seemingly independent ‘micro-sites’.

Take a look at the last link returned by Bing for our query about programmable controllers. It was a site called I don’t know anything about this site, and it certainly doesn’t reveal much about where it comes from, but there’s no reason why any of us couldn’t make a similar site in our market sector. Would the chat search engines use it? They might do.