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Using the option close as a call to action

A call to action is one of the most fundamental elements of a good marketing piece. We can give our prospects the most compelling offer possible, but if they’re not encouraged to do something in response, many of them just won’t get around to it.

Yet so many product pages or (even more unforgivably) landing pages end with a limp nothing, such as a few specifications.

There are many great articles online about writing a good call to action, and I’d encourage everyone to read a few of them. One great technique however takes a leaf out of a classic sales technique, which is not to give the prospect to option to say no …such as the option close: “Now you know about the product, do you want to pay immediately or on credit?”

The call to action equivalent is to give two options, so the committed can say yes without further ado, and the rest can submit to further persuasion (and perhaps an offer!). For example: