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Three tests for good content

According to this article about the importance of having checklists for any explanatory content that we create, there are three tests which it needs to pass. I think they’re worth bearing in mind.

  1. Is this content relevant to our audience? Any material needs to align with the interests and expectations of our readership to get significant engagement.
  2. Do we provide insights from our personal experience solving this problem? Recent updates from Google underscore the importance of personal expertise and first-hand experience. The information needs to come from individuals or organisations with demonstrable expertise and solutions in the field.
  3. Does this piece of content provide a unique perspective or solution to the problem? Including observations such as methodological failures or anecdotal evidence will ensure a distinctive perspective for the readers.

Anyone struggling with an article or video that doesn’t seem to ‘pop’ might find that it doesn’t tick off these three points. Fixing it can be easier than expected.