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The benefits of consistency and continuity

With all the political parties gearing up for an election, all I hear is the same thing: “change”. Even from the one in charge.

Change is attractive. But it’s not always the right thing to do. And the worst thing to change is the thing that’s closest to you – the thing that you get bored of more quickly than anyone else. I’ve worked on website redesigns where some people at the company became tired of the design even before it was launched.

Give it a chance

For those of us in marketing, whether it’s packaging, advertising or branding, we’re going to get bored of it before anyone else. Probably way before whatever it is has been given a chance. Thinking of changing that advert because you’ve run it for three months in a row? Try to imagine how often a prospect has seen it. Once if you’re lucky.

That’s not an excuse for a permanent state of inaction. It’s important to know whether customers want change. But when I see a business roll out an expensive new logo for no apparent reason, years before the design’s likely sell-by date, I think: “They’re just bored and have run out of better ideas”.