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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2023

It’s happening.

If you thought that the new AI-powered searches on the likes of Bing would be on the fence about recommending suppliers, think again.

Twitter Tips

Control Panel For Twitter reverses many of the downgrades Twitter has introduced, as well as things to make it a nicer experience.

Be a better proofreader

Unfortunately we often have nobody other than ourselves to proof-read our copy. In that case, how do we do it as well as possible?

It’s happening (continued)

If search engines are making recommendations by stealing ‘suppliers guides’ content, being featured is more important than ever.

What can we do about search engine recommendations?

What if there’s no decent list of suppliers in our sector for the search engines to steal? Could we make one?

It’s not for us to judge what they should be doing

I’m frequently told by suppliers who’ve “always done it like this” that “it’s what our market wants”. But is it?

Chat search needs to face the music

If we ask chat search to recommend blue widget suppliers, will it default to a list of general widget suppliers if it’s got nothing better?

Try out AI image creation now

Microsoft launched the enhanced Dall-E 3.0 image creation function for its Bing AI users at the weekend. It’s well worth trying out.

Man vs machine

The platforms don’t understand why we wouldn’t want a machine-optimised message being placed in a machine-optimised space.

The changing ranking factors in Google search

If something is there just because you think the search engines will like it, the chances are it’ll have little (or even a negative) impact.

Beyond ‘Any Questions?’

We should all think a little harder before using business email clichés. Many can introduce a level of uncertainty for the recipient.

Using the option close as a call to action

One great call to action takes a leaf out of a classic sales technique, which is not to give the prospect to option to say no.

All about ‘Impression Share’ in Google Ads

Impression Share in Google Ads is a very interesting metric which can be a good starting point in improving a campaign.

The peril of averages

If we can just focus on what channel is generating the very best customers, it might be a much better target.

The benefits of consistency and continuity

Change is attractive. But it’s not always the right thing to do. And the worst thing to change is the thing that’s closest to you.

Analysing our competitors in SEO

Keeping tabs on our competition’s online activities and success (or otherwise) is a worthwhile exercise, but it needs a benchmark.

Talk like an expert if you’re talking to experts

Would our prospects be more comfortable with something that seems to have been written by one of their peers?

Three tests for good content

Anyone struggling with an article or video that doesn’t seem to ‘pop’ might find that it doesn’t tick off these three points.

Back to the top

For any of us who have long web pages, here’s a really simple tip. Put a ‘back to top’ link at the end of every page.

Advertising on Twitter through Google Ads?

It’s being reported that advertisers will soon be able to appear on Twitter home feeds through Google Ads Display campaigns.

A simple tip for videos

Backup every video project with its media. And if we’ve employed somebody to make a video for us, ensure they do the same.

What to do if PPC ads stop working

We’ve found that a Google Ads account suddenly taking a downturn in performance is very rare …but it’s not unheard of.