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All about ‘Impression Share’ in Google Ads

“Impression Share” in Google Ads can be observed at different levels: campaign, ad group, and keyword. It’s a very interesting metric which can be a good starting point in improving a campaign.

The percentage shown as the impression share reflects how often the ads are visible. For instance, a 50% impression share indicates our ads are seen half as often as they could be. If we get 100 impressions daily on a keyword, another potential 100 impressions should be achievable with campaign improvements – although these can come at a cost.

Impression share comes in two types.

  • Impression Share lost due to budget: If our daily budget is £50 and there’s a potential for £500 worth of clicks daily, our impression share can’t go beyond 10%; we lose 90% due to budget limitations. Before increasing budget though, we need to consider campaign profitability and what the marketing budget can bear.
  • Impression Share lost due to rank: This arises from Google’s view on our campaign quality and the potential for getting better value. We can improve this by focusing on ad extensions such as sitelinks; Quality Score (the relevance of ads and keywords); and maximum bid, which might be increased gradually, keeping affordability in mind.

It’s worth setting up reports monitoring impression share, and checking for changes or missed opportunities.