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Using GPT-4 to summarise a web page’s search relevance

I’ve been using GPT-4 a lot recently as an SEO analysis tool, and I’m really impressed. Here’s one simple example of what it can do, very quickly. We can probably all think of ways we can use this sort of reporting.

What I’ve done here is to get a report on whether a web page is targeting a given phrase as well as it might be. The results might not be revelatory, but they might be very useable …and best of all, they’re provided in an instant. I just ask something like: “You are a search engine optimisation specialist. Provide a report of around 200 words on the relevance of the following text to the phrase [whatever]”, then paste in the body copy of the page.

As an example, this is what it had to say about my own company’s home page:

The web copy is highly relevant to the phrase “google ads management for industrial companies” for the following reasons:

  1. Target Audience: The copy specifically mentions that they support “industrial and scientific companies with Google Ads management.”
  2. Industry Specialization: The company, BMON, positions itself as a specialist in managing Google Ads for companies in “engineering, science, and other tech sectors.”
  3. Value Propositions: It emphasizes the cost-saving benefits and time-saving advantages of outsourcing Google Ads management to BMON.
  4. Experience: The mention of working with over 60 companies in the UK and Europe establishes credibility and industry experience.
  5. Comprehensive Service: Beyond just managing ads, BMON presents itself as an integral part of a client’s marketing team. This includes monitoring website performance, providing advice on online promotion, and updating clients on new developments.
  6. Testimonials: The endorsement at the end, dating back to 2011, strengthens the claim of their expertise and effectiveness in the domain of Google Ads management, especially for industrial clients.

Overall, the copy speaks directly to industrial companies seeking expert management of their Google Ads campaigns, making it highly relevant to the target phrase.

Now, that might or might not tell us much that we didn’t know already. But if we needed a report to justify to someone else why we’re using that text on the page, it’s very helpful.

Next, I start thinking about other searches and questions which I’d like to target with that page. Some of these I can get by browsing around the related questions sections in Google results. I can ask GPT-4 which of these are answered well by the page. For those that aren’t, I can get suggestions for copy that will answer them.

After getting into the swing of this technique, it’s like having a team of SEO researchers around you.