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The data we need to assess our forms

For many businesses, a form is a critical part of their website. This could be an enquiry form, a subscription signup or (of course) the completion of an online shopping process. For anyone with a form, it’s crucial to be measuring the completion rate. That’s pretty straightforward to do in a visitor tracking system such as Google Analytics, but it’s not always set up.

Why do we need to do this? Not because we need to measure the absolute completion rate. What does it mean if only 25% of people who look at the form actually fill it in? Nothing, in isolation. But by measuring the completion rate, we can see firstly the effect of any changes, such as simplifying the form; and secondly, the differences in completion rate between different streams of visitor. For example, we could find that with one offer, most visitors are happy to fill in the form once they’ve seen it, but with another, it seems like it may be too much effort in return for the offer.

There’s a decent introduction from Google here.