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Removing unwanted sitelinks from search results

‘Sitelinks’ in search results are the subsidiary links often shown under a main one. We don’t get to choose them. Despite being ‘secondary’, they’re still considered by the search engine to be more likely to be what users want than pages from other sites.

Here’s an example. As you can see, Google has made a good call. It’s not unreasonable to think that people searching for our company’s name might find the internal ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Companies Directory’ pages to be more relevant results than a completely different website.

However, sometimes those subsidiary links aren’t what we want shown. I’ve seen some odd pages highlighted in the past, including some administrative ones which I’d be quite happy to never see in the search results.

And there’s an idea. If we don’t need them in the search results, why not solve the problem of them appearing as sitelinks by taking them out of the search results completely? This is called ‘noindexing’ and it’s pretty easy to do.

Google actually confirms this is the best strategy here.