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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2023

If you can do this quicker and better, please do so.

I wanted to look at how AI could improve an article’s title, then write a great description meta tag which stood a good chance of being used.

Why we need to master GA4’s ‘Custom Reports’

How to create a simple custom report in GA4, and put it on the reports menu as the start of a whole new customised set.

A Checklist for explanatory articles

BBC journalist Ros Atkins has posted 10 attributes he looks for in an explanation – and 10 questions that help to deliver them each time.

Using GPT-4 to summarise a web page’s search relevance

I’ve been using GPT-4 a lot recently as an SEO analysis tool, and I’m really impressed. Here’s one simple example of what it can do.

Search engines set for the biggest change ever

I fully expect conventional search results to relegated to the sidebar in future. How will search engines integrate the adverts with this?

Giving humans the courtesy extended to machines

Perhaps those of us who commission freelance writers can learn from the effort needed to point generative AI in the right direction.

Industrial marketing in the age of FOMO

We mustn’t fall for the temptation of thinking that the competition know something we don’t. That’s how FOMO leads to bad decisions.

An alternative view of style guides

Rather than being seen as an extravagance, a style guide could be presented as a ‘corporate image assets and blank documents library’.

Is Twitter still worthwhile?

If it’s no longer worthwhile, we can put up a ‘gone away for now’ message and just monitor for any messages.

Be the hero in the customer’s journey

The classic storytelling structure of ‘the hero’s journey’ is a great way to think about sales pitches and case studies.

Telling the customer what they should be asking

Sometimes, customers don’t know what they don’t know. The SAQ page is not what customers typically ask, but what they need to know.

Removing unwanted sitelinks from search results

Sometimes those subsidiary links in Google aren’t what we want shown. Solve the problem by taking them out of the search results completely.

Good tagging is as important as ever

Acknowledging that correlation is not causation, having good title and meta description tags is as important as ever.

The data we need to assess our forms

It’s crucial to be measuring the completion rate of our forms. That’s pretty straightforward to do, but it’s not always set up.

They’re only a phone call away

Communication systems like WhatsApp make it easy to connect with your colleagues in the same industry. Have you thought about it?

Can AI tweak royalty-free photos to be what we really want?

If we use a royalty-free stock image as the basis for an AI-generated original alternative, we may be able to get exactly what we want.

A lasting legacy

Who’s checked up when their company domain name expires, and who’s got a system in place for renewing it when it does, if we’re not around?

Who’s bounced off your email list recently?

Our customer email management system is a goldmine of potentially commercially useful data, if we take the trouble to look.

Some SEO gold

The “People also ask” queries, if they’re relevant to our business, are absolutely ones that we should be targeting.