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Good tagging is as important as ever

Here’s some new SEO data that won’t surprise any of us, but could at least be helpful if we’re pitching some work that needs to be done. According to 85% of titles feature keywords in Positions 1-5 of Google on Search Engine Land, the vast majority (indeed, 85%) of top 5 results in Google have the searched-for terms in their page title tags. In addition, 95% of pages ranking in the top 10 have meta descriptions, and 90% of the rankings in the top 1-5 use capital letters properly (using either title or sentence case) in titles and meta descriptions.

Acknowledging that correlation is not causation, having good title and meta description tags is as important as ever. So once again, I stress: keep on top of the pages on your website, work out what each one is trying to attract in search, and ensure they feature those search terms in the title and perhaps the meta descriptions too. A regular audit with a tool like Screaming Frog should be a good start.