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Be the hero in the customer’s journey

I’ve previously mentioned the three-act structure, the five-act structure and the hero’s journey, and how they’re a great way to think about sales pitches and case studies. But I know some people have trouble making the leap from the concept to actually using it in everyday product stories. So as an example, here’s how we might use the hero’s journey.

Classic examples of this tale include The Lord of the Rings, Batman, and many, many others. The tales include a backstory, a mission, an enemy, the stakes, the obstacles, the need for friends, and a climactic resolution.

Already it should start to become clear how these building blocks can be applied to the sales story for our own products and services. What situation is the customer likely to be in? How could a lack of change make things worse? What dangers could be on the horizon? How have others overcome these? How can we help? What would be the immediate dramatic outcome? How would things be improved in the long term?

Over to you.