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Your new synthetic prospect

How to Create AI Marketing Personas with 8 Powerful Prompts on the Orbit Media blog may be one of the most thought-provoking articles you read this week. It certainly gave me a few ideas. What it outlines is a technique to use new online tools to create an artificial ‘persona’ representing a customer type, which can then be interrogated to examine and develop our marketing strategies and materials.

It’s a realistic approach, treating machine-generated ideas with skepticism but taking what we can from them, and then using these as the basis for further work. The article suggests using the ‘persona’ to find potential customer concerns which are not addressed in our marketing copy.

“Once you’ve got your new synthetic prospect in shape”, it concludes, “you can talk to it on a moment’s notice, day or night, for quick ideas or a long conversation about drivers, goals and motivations. Ask it about price expectations and what would convince it to pay more. Ask it about results expectations and how soon it expects them. Ask it who it would ask for referrals. Ask it what it doesn’t like about buying these services. Ask it what questions it’s likely to ask on a sales call.”

See what you think.