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Smarter assistance will become standard

Google Ads users are about to be getting a new ‘AI Assistant’ to help with their campaigns. Well of course they are. Apparently, the snappily named “Help guide” can answer a variety of questions and solve problems relating to Google Ads. However, straight away it tells you “While I know a lot, I’m still learning and may make some mistakes. If I do, please leave feedback so I can learn”.

I’ve no idea if there’s a lot of intelligence behind this product or if it’s just little more than a help guide index, but we’ll see. The main issue it will face is that – just as with the humans from Google who call to help us optimise our advertising – we won’t believe its priority will be ‘help’, but rather ‘show us why we should spend more’. That’s probably not fair, but it’s human nature.

However, we should expect smarter assistance from all technology over the next few years. For many of us, it might even be expected from the products or services that we sell.