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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2023

Using GPT-4 with website visitor data: an example

An example of how I’ve been investigating the use of AI (GPT-4) for SEO, website visitor analysis and content generation ideas.

Getting to grips with GA4

Getting to grips with GA4 is not easy (personally, I think it’s horrible), but sadly it’s the best tool there is for an essential job.

Can we get customers to listen?

Although I’m a huge fan of podcasts, I’m not convinced of their effectiveness in business. But could they work?

The joy of YouTube viewer data

Not everyone checks into YouTube’s visitor analytics that frequently. Some people can get a rather pleasant surprise when they do.

Contents lists aren’t just for books

Breaking an article up with sub-headings is a great idea, but we can do better than that with a contents list at the start.

How to take on an SEO agency

Thinking about taking on outside help to do Search Engine Optimisation?It’ll be essential to set up some performance indicators.

Those ‘indented’ results in Google searches…

When we get ‘indented’ results in Google searches, it looks great. But what’s actually happening? Could they be a bad thing?

Your new synthetic prospect

Can we create an artificial ‘persona’ representing a customer type, which can then be interrogated to examine and develop our marketing?

Ground rules for generative AI in marketing

At the moment, AI tools are best used for ideas, for reviewing, and for generating alternative versions for consideration.

Best practice on links to external sites

Several studies over the years have demonstrated that Google appears to rank pages more highly if they contain links to external sites.

The importance of understanding demand generation

Demand generation may sound a bit woolly, but I think it offers some important perspective on different types of customer.

Smarter assistance will become standard

For many of us, over the next few years, smarter assistance might be expected from the products or services that we sell.

An uncertain buying landscape

A recent B2B Buyer’s Survey offers an overview of the typical B2B buying timeline, and a breakdown of the processes buyers are using

Helpful is all about the content

Google equates ‘helpful’ with clarity and accessibility. So if a page is answering a query, it needs to get to the point.

Never waste market research

What market research data do you have that isn’t proprietary but could form the basis of some great content?

Courses and training programmes for Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is not easy to understand, and many users have been grumbling about the quality of training tools and resources provided.

Another way to think about Google ranking

Does our website really contain one of the ten best answers in the world? If it doesn’t, we need to create something special.

Remarkable content doesn’t have to be epic

Remarkable content lets readers know that we understand their situation. This should be the driving force behind everything we create.

Great guides to managing SEO

Anyone really looking to get stuck into SEO should consider reading The Technical SEO Audit Workbook by Search Engine Journal.

New ‘verified’ badge next to ‘official’ sites in Bing

Bing continues to innovate, including a new ‘verified’ badge next to ‘official’ sites relevant to a search.

Who wrote it? Who cares?

Disguising the source of written content is actually made easier by the poor quality of what humans churn out.