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Ground rules for generative AI in marketing

There’s a superb article titled Balancing Creativity With Caution When Using AI to Create Content on the blog, which gives a whole list of ground rules to consider when using tools like ChatGPT in marketing. They include:

  • Never input proprietary or sensitive data into an AI model
  • Before using any client data, ensure the necessary permissions have been granted
  • Review the generated content for accidental inclusion of sensitive data
  • Avoid using “in the style of X” prompts which could violate copyright laws
  • Verify sources, figures, and facts with multiple third-party trusted sources
  • Don’t trust links generated solely by Generative AI tools

At the moment, AI tools are best used for ideas, or – as the article points out – for identifying unoriginal ideas. They’re also good for reviewing, and for generating alternative versions for consideration.

Note: As I do by default nowadays, I checked the text above using a simple prompt in GPT-4: “You are an expert copy editor. Review the text I’m about to enter for grammatical and spelling errors.” It responded by pointing out a small punctuation inconsistency, an errant double space and a suggested rephrasing of a list item. I made all of its proposed changes.