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Courses and training programmes for Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is not easy to understand, and many users have been grumbling about its lack of intuitiveness, and the poor quality of training tools and resources provided. I’ve pointed out a few independent efforts here, but Search Engine Land has just added a useful list called 11 GA4 training courses to help confused marketers.

For those people prepared to invest a few hours in training, it might be a reasonable approach to just go for the beginners’ stuff and work up from there. However, experienced Google Analytics users will almost certainly find this boring, so be careful. One good starting point could be Google’s own, one-hour free “Get started using Google Analytics” presentation.

Many courses and training programmes will cover areas of Google Analytics which simply won’t be relevant to specific organisations, such as e-commerce analysis. The most important thing therefore – before signing up to anything – is to study the content.