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Another way to think about Google ranking

Let’s start with the assumption that Google Search is really, really good at what it does. This implies that if someone enters a search term, the ten main results they get from Google will be the ten pages on the web that are most likely to include what they’re attempting to find.

If Google has got that right, then our job as website owners is to provide one of the ten most relevant pages on the web for that search.

I find that for many business owners, this puts the task in a whole new light. For that oh-so-important search query (including “blue widgets”, implying “where can I buy blue widgets?”) does our site really contain one of the ten best places on the web that someone should look at?

If it does, then we have every right to believe we should be on the first page of results.

If it doesn’t, we need to create something more special. Something that’s a noticeable step up from almost anything currently available.