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An uncertain buying landscape

A recent survey of B2B buyers by the Demand Gen Report in the USA puts some numbers on a trend a lot of us will be feeling: “While most respondents (31%) indicated that they had to delay potential purchases due to budget freezes, 29% said they actually escalated some purchases due to changing business needs.” It’s an uncertain and changing landscape.

The survey offers an overview of the typical B2B buying timeline, and a breakdown of the processes buyers are using, with insights into the modifications in their preferences over the last year. It looks at how distinct age groups approach the buying process; and how the prevailing ethos of achieving more with fewer resources is shaping purchasing decisions. There’s also data on the impact of advertising and video on potential buyers, emphasising the formats and platforms that are proving effective.

The Demand Gen Report B2B Buyer’s Survey can be downloaded here in exchange for contact details.