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Visualising the importance of long tail keywords

I love this illustration. It comes from an article called How to find long-tail keywords (and why they’re important) on the Mangools blog. It’s very simple, and could be useful to explain strategies to colleagues.

Long tail keywords (search terms) are just ones that are more specific than the most basic ones for the subject. What the illustration shows is that the more specific the search gets, the less frequently it occurs (as you’d expect), but the total occurrences of all those more specific searches is a lot greater than that of the most basic search.

Most businesses will probably be able to see this in their own Google Search Console data. Pull out data on all of the searches with ‘widget’ in them, with the ‘impressions’ figure, then compare the volume of searches for the basic search term with more complex ones. And don’t forget, there’s a whole world of long tail searches out there that won’t appear on the list because we’re not appearing for them at all! In some cases, this can be enormous: there are keyword tools out there that might give an indication of just how big that long tail is.