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Using ChatGPT to repurpose content quickly

A use to which I put ChatGPT quite often is to take content from one end use and repurpose it for another. So, for example, it could be used to make an article more formal, or split one up into chunks for social media, or just to summarise it. The uses in marketing communications are only limited by our imagination.

Here’s a simple example. I took this article that I posted last week, and asked ChatGPT to make it into a thread for Twitter. As a bonus, it put in a few hashtags too.

The command I gave ChatGPT was as follows:

  • “Rewrite the article below as a series of tweets, with the normal 280 character limit. Keep the language formal and serious in tone.”

(I then pasted in the article).

ChatGPT’s response was this:

1/ In the engineering and scientific sectors, many businesses overlook the value of social media. Let’s explore why I believe this is a mistake. #SocialMediaMatters

2/ Admittedly, customer engagement and significant impact may be limited on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. However, even minimal effort spent on sharing company announcements and website updates can yield some results. #EngageEffortlessly

3/ Surprisingly, a considerable number of our customers utilize these services. While they may not seek information on blue widgets, occasional job-related posts on their timelines won’t be unwelcome. As a Twitter addict myself, I find value in updates from organizations I professionally interact with. #ConnectWithCustomers

4/ Additionally, while social media links may not directly affect search engine optimization (unlike external links), search engines do take notice of them. The potential impact cannot be disregarded. Moreover, researchers who create web pages beneficially linked to our content might explore social media as a source. #DiscoverabilityMatters

5/ It’s tempting to dismiss the significance of social media, but it’s equally effortless to embrace it, even for basic announcements. Let’s not underestimate its potential. #EmbraceSocialMedia

Really, there’s very little I’d change about that. Time taken: about 45 seconds.

Converting presentations to content

Another project I’ve had some success with was taking a recorded seminar presentation of about 25 minutes, getting it transcribed by one of the incredible new generation of voice recognition services, and then feeding the output to ChatGPT to tidy up into a presentable article. It did an excellent job of cleaning up the pauses and repetitions, and making the style more appropriate to a written article. As with all ChatGPT ‘prompting’, the more detail we give it in the instructions, the better the result.