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Using ChatGPT for left-field ideas

Another thing that can generative AI can offer us is material to liven up sales and marketing pieces. Sure, 90% of what it comes up with will be no use, but I’ve been delighted at some of the great ideas that it’s brought up from left-field.

Try these prompts in ChatGPT:

  • Give me ten examples of quirky anecdotes that could be used to start a sales letter for [blue widgets]
  • Give me ten quotes from literature that could be used in a sales letter about [blue widgets]
  • Give me ten unusual facts about [blue widgets]

Please try it. I promise, it doesn’t matter if the most unexciting piece of industrial hardware is being substituted in for ‘blue widgets’ – the AI comes at things from such an unusual angle it can be brilliant.

If nothing else, it’ll provide some food for thought. And for those of us who’ve been marketing the same old blue widgets, that’s just what we need from time to time.