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Product pages aren’t data sheets

I’m sure that, for many companies, there’s a mindset that a product page on a website should resemble a data sheet rather than a sales brochure. But our product pages serve as our most productive and effective sales asset. They should not be confined to the role of a technical support department.

When discussing the development of “landing pages” to accompany advertising campaigns for standard products, my first question is always, “Why isn’t the existing product page suitable as a landing page for the campaign?” If we’re simply advertising a product, in general terms, it should be.

Imagine designing an ideal landing page for a product, and then ask why the existing product page doesn’t align with that description. It’s highly likely that a landing page will feature a compelling headline focused on benefits, captivating copy, and a prominent call to action. That’s precisely what we want users who have clicked on an advertisement to see.

So why aren’t our product pages fulfilling the same function?