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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2023

Online (Digital) Marketing Activities: a list

In the B2B sector, I would highlight 6 major activities in online marketing. Here they are, with a look at the skill set required for each.

Pay per click advertising into 2024 and beyond

The Wordstream Blog has been looking at How ChatGPT and AI will impact PPC advertising, and the conclusions provide some food for thought.

Using ChatGPT to repurpose content quickly

ChatGPT is great for repurposing content. Its uses in marketing communications are only limited by our imagination.

Great tools to look at your website speed

Hats off to Gift Of Speed for some free tools will be of interest to any of us who are interested in the technical performance of our websites

6 tips to be a better email user

We all drift into bad habits, so here are a few tips to using email on a day-to-day basis. Most apply equally to customers or colleagues.

Machine learning in advertising: think about it

The key to a successful machine-managed campaign seems to be to ensure the goals are specific, measurable actions.

TLDs and dot co dot uk

I’d definitely just go for .uk nowadays if the domain wasn’t for a business, although it’d be worth having the registered too.

Brainstorming: great if done properly

A good brainstorming session makes the most of getting people together, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

What KPIs does our website need?

What KPIs could – or should – we be setting up for our website? With the change to Google Analytics 4, we need the right reports set up.

How to use short-form video

I doubt many of us are planning to get into TikTok for our businesses, but the short-form video format can be very useful.

6 ways to use an email ‘PS’

A ‘PS’ in a sales or marketing email shouldn’t be the focus of the email, as some readers won’t get there, but it can salvage an offer.

Visualising the importance of long tail keywords

The more specific a search gets, the less frequently it occurs, but the total occurrences is a lot greater than that of the most basic search.

Enquiry responses merit care

Many businesses spend ages crafting an online sales campaign, then disappoint their prospect with an unworthy emailed reply to their enquiry.

Getting a small SEO return from charitable work

Link-building ‘low hanging fruit’ should include charities and voluntary organisations, who can provide links in return for support.

Getting direct links to product pages

Take a look at a product page and think about the features and benefits. Can we write an article expanding on one of those?

How to write a testimonial in five sentences

It’s occurred to me: “What makes a good testimonial?” If I was to write one in five sentences, this is what it would cover.

Using ChatGPT for left-field ideas

Even for the most unexciting piece of industrial hardware, AI comes at things from such an unusual angle it can be brilliant.

Product pages aren’t data sheets

Our product pages serve as our most effective sales asset. They should not be confined to the role of a technical support department.

Tools of the trade

While I can paste some text into ChatGPT and tell it to improve the grammar, it does require a good ‘prompt’ as to what I require.

An easy win

An easy and cheap way to make customers feel special is to let them have relevant company announcements first.

Get the most out of Google Search Console

Here’s a tip: The most important item in Google Search Console is that link marked ‘Export’ in the top corner.