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How to write a testimonial in five sentences

I remember a few years ago being approached by a client who said: “If you ever need a recommendation, I’d be happy to provide one”. It’s always nice when that happens, but in this case the client went further, adding: “Or if you just want to write something from me, that’s fine”. Reader, you can be sure that I took them up on the offer. I probably just dashed something off while the going was good, but it’s occurred to me since on numerous occasions: “What makes a good testimonial?”

If I was to write a testimonial as a customer, I’d look to do it in five sentences:

  1. The business circumstances in which I found myself
  2. The specific issue that I faced
  3. The benefit(s) provided by the product or service that I bought
  4. Specific metrics
  5. How the product or service continued to help me

This simply follows the narrative structure that works in so many story-telling circumstances, but it’s a nice little template to have. It can be used in a range of circumstances, from LinkedIn recommendations to hotel reviews.