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Getting direct links to product pages

We’ve all made some effort to make our websites in general more optimised for search engines, but what about individual pages, such as products? What can we do to work on those? Mainly, it’ll be about getting direct, relevant links, of course.

I’d start by creating content and links to the site internally, and then go on to see if opportunities arise to get related links from external sites. Take a look at the chosen page (product) and think about the features and benefits of that specific product. Can we write an article expanding on one of those? This could easily be something people search for.

Do a bit of ‘keyword research’ around the feature or benefit that looks promising, to nail down a good topic. Then develop an article that talks about that, concluding with the product under consideration being the answer. Rinse and repeat to create some decent content for the website, with good internal links to the product page.

From here, we can use our market knowledge to come up with ideas for third-party sites that might like to use the article, or even better, a more in-depth article combining related ones.