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Matching content to economic circumstances

We seem to have been in an uncertain economic state for a long time now, certainly ever since the pandemic. This does not help with sales and marketing strategies, of course. What are our customers thinking and doing? It’s critical to have a good idea, which in larger organisations needs good communication with sales. If customers are holding off investment because they’re unsure where things are heading, we need to work with that, targeting the short term benefits that our products and services can offer. In many cases, that might provide an opportunity to look back at old marketing initiatives or content and see if we can try them again but with a more appropriate angle on them.

If we have older content on our website which is being accessed a lot, is it getting over the right message for today? If not, it’s worth considering rewriting it with a different spin. A very quick way to do that might be to add a ‘pull quote’, as above, bringing out something that needs to be temporarily highlighted. As ever, web content should never be considered as fixed at the point of first publication, but as something that should develop organically over time to suit the circumstances.