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Let it go

There’s an old saying that the only things that can make a difference are the things we actually do. So if there’s a part of our job that we’re forever putting off because we just don’t have the interest or motivation, we need to make a decision about that job. Should we just say “we’re not ever going to do that” and remove it from our to-do lists permanently, relieving us of just a little stress? Or should we say: “we need to do that, so somebody else is going to have to do it”?

I’ve worked with marketing managers who booked their companies into way too many trade shows, because they just loved doing them. Equally, I’ve known some who didn’t get enough brochures printed or case studies written, because it was such a chore. I suspect that my own business has many clients who give us their Google Ads campaigns to manage mainly because it’s a part of advertising that’s as boring as heck to do, and they know if they managed it in-house it’d never get the attention it deserved.

Perhaps we should all reassess how we allocate our budgets and time, so we can concentrate personally on what we’re good at and what we like doing, and let go of the stuff we really don’t have the enthusiasm for.