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Is bad prospecting hurting you?

We all get way too many badly-targeted sales emails. The reason for this is that emails are cheap, and many businesses think that sales numbers are just a function of advertising volume. However, while prospects are fine with seeing untargeted advertising where they expect that to be the case (e.g. on entertainment TV channels), they’re less forgiving where it ought to be targeted. And our email inboxes are one such place.

Which leads me to worry – are we all aware of the sales emails going out of our business?

Hurting the business

I’ve met many salespeople in the past who have the licence to fire out sales emails at their own discretion, and that includes to lists they’ve compiled, sometimes without enough thought. The idea that sales is simply a numbers game is quite common among seasoned pros who ought to know better.

But they could be hurting the business.

If a company frequently emails us with irrelevant material, of course we’re less likely to take any notice of what they send in the future …even if it’s the most useful, on-target announcement they’ve ever made.

It would be horrifying if marketing thought it was carefully monitoring what the prospect database was receiving, while sales was dumping rubbish all over the plan.