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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2023

Why the marketing funnel is important

It’s easy to dismiss the marketing funnel as being waffle, but it’s another interesting way to assess our marketing materials and strategies.

Can a single page website work?

A single page website can be designed with mobile users in mind; without needing any navigational clutter, it can get straight to the point.

The need to demonstrate authority

Here’s a question: if search is going to change so much with the advent of AI, should I wait and see how things pan out?

Don’t have a style guide? Start here.

Every company should have a visual style guide, freely available to anyone who needs it, and updated continually with a full change log.

This is what we need to offer customers

B2B customers actually prefer interactions that meet their emotional needs, even if it means spending more time or money.

Understanding YouTube

YouTube designs the algorithm to serve the audience, so understanding audience preferences will help the algorithm favour our content.

Don’t dismiss social media

Very few businesses treat social media as being worth spending time on. I think this is a mistake, and here’s why.

Writing with flow and rhythm

In copywriting, we can employ parallelism as part of writing with flow and rhythm, something that we should all think about using more.

What is a press release for nowadays?

Many ‘press releases’ are rooted in the last century, using dull language and not acknowledging that many customers will read them as-is.

Introducing… AIO

We all need to start thinking about how AI is going to affect digital marketing as a whole, and how we can adjust and adapt.

Matching content to economic circumstances

Web content should never be considered as fixed, but as something that should develop organically over time to suit the circumstances.

Let it go

If there’s a part of our job that we’re forever putting off because we just don’t have the motivation, we need to make a decision.

Is bad prospecting hurting you?

I’ve met many salespeople in the past who have the licence to fire out sales emails at their own discretion and hurt the business.

Google Analytics 4’s audiences

Google Analytics 4 audiences are website visitors who exhibit particular characteristics, and who might need independent activity analysis.

Creative Work in the Age of Distraction

There’s never been more distraction surrounding us than there is today. Reminding ourselves that it is a problem does help.

The advantage of humanising content

Google ‘helpful content system’ aims to show “more content made for people, and less content made to attract clicks.”

A focus on our people

If our aim is to get in earlier, ideally with a full sales presentation, our website needs to explain the benefits of requesting that.

Choosing a route

If have a mixture of informed customers and ones who need hand-holding, they need different routes to find out what they need to know.

Filtering out internal company visits in GA4

For a simple, IP-address-only approach, Google itself has a support article which might be sufficient for the needs of many businesses.

Big changes in search results display

Logos are becoming standard next to results now in both Google and Bing. Check your results and make sure you’re happy with them.