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Google Analytics 4’s audiences

One thing I’d recommend looking at when starting out with the new Google Analytics 4 is the idea of audiences. These are website visitors who exhibit particular characteristics, and who might need independent activity analysis. It’s even possible to link them to a Google Ads campaign to remarket to them.

However, what we can’t do is to retroactively add visitors to audiences based on what they did in the past. So we need to set up every audience we think we might need, as soon as we think of it. An audience that seemed like a good idea at the time can always be ignored, but one that wasn’t created in the first place can’t be brought back to life!

If we have very different businesses on our website, or very different types of visitor, then segmenting them into audiences can prove enlightening. Actions that they take can also define the audiences they belong to.

Creating audiences is far too complex to describe in an article like this, but there’s a lot of good advice online.