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Creative Work in the Age of Distraction

The biggest enemy for anyone trying to create something isn’t usually lack of ideas.

It’s distraction.

That’s because there’s never been more distraction surrounding us than there is today.

I’ve had one writing job which hasn’t changed much for many years, and I’ve noticed it’s constantly taking longer than it used to. I’ve tried taking the work to an isolated environment, and I’ve tried those apps which don’t allow you to break off and look at things like email or social media. These were all effective things to do, but that little devil on my shoulder always seems to have a way around them. My phone has just lit up with something trivial. I thought I’d switched off notifications! Apparently a new app didn’t know that. But even if I had switched them off, the temptation to look anyway, just in case, might be too great.

I can’t reveal the solution here, because I don’t have it. However, reminding ourselves that it is a problem does help.

I hope you’re better at this stuff than me.