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Choosing a route

Marketing writer Seth Godin recently wrote: “It’s not easy to make it look easy. Sometimes, you don’t need to bother. Making it look hard might be a plus. The important part is how it makes the recipient feel.”

This is such good advice.

We can decide to pitch our marketing as “you know all about the product you need, so here are the reasons why we’re the best supplier”.

Or we can pitch it as “this stuff is really hard, and we realise you need help, so here’s why we’re the best people to do that”.

Either way, it’s all about understanding the customer, and what they need. For many of us, we may have a mixture of informed customers who are looking for price and deliverability, and occasional ones who need hand-holding. If we have both, our website really needs to offer them the chance to choose their route to find out what they need to know quickly.