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What can generative AI do for me?

I’m sure many readers will have dabbled with one of the generative AI tools we’ve mentioned here over the past few months, but I suspect that many of you won’t have had time to learn how to use them properly. If your only interaction has been to type in: “Write me an article about… [something]” and the results left something to be desired, you may well be thinking: “I must find out some time how to write prompts that come up with better output”.

There are newsletters and courses on this, and that’s the direction I’d be heading in if I already knew what I wanted to do, but just wanted to get the best possible results.

However, for those that simply want inspiration about what generative AI might be able to do for them, there are some great articles around. I liked 50 AI Prompt Examples for Marketers to Use in 2023 on the Hubspot blog, which has so many ideas that we’ll all be able to find something to try out.