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The most useful types of information for customers

What are the most useful types of content we could be creating to help B2B decision making? According to one survey, the top information appreciated by prospective customers is:

  1. Product specifications and functionality
  2. Product comparisons
  3. Product success stories
  4. Content specifically designed to show value to internal stakeholders
  5. Product tutorials
  6. Guidance to solving a problem

It’s important to realise that these are the top items (there will be many more scoring less highly), so we should be trying to cover all of these. Together, they form the value and trust which should be a priority in our sales communications.

Plenty to think about

There’s plenty to think about under each heading. The first item (product specifications) may seem obvious, but we might like to consider how clearly we communicate the data. Many businesses have scrappy and inconsistent data sheets, with terrible web presentations (no, a link to a PDF which can’t be read on a small screen is not good enough). ‘Product comparisons’ applies to clearly defining where the product lies within the company’s offerings; to how it compares to similar products from competitors; and to how it compares to alternative technologies.

And so on.

We should all be continually revisiting how we’re covering all six of the items in the list, and how we can improve what we do.