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Putting the FAQs page to work

There are many benefits of having a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (‘FAQ’) page on a website, including saving on routine enquiries, helping SEO and just improving the prospect and customer experience. An underplayed reason to have an FAQ page however is the opportunity it provides to reiterate some of the advantages of specific products and indeed the company in general.

For example, perhaps one of the selling points of our business is that we have offices around the country. It can be hard to get that message over in product pages, yet it can easily be crowbarred into an FAQ page (e.g. “Do you provide technical support from all your regional offices?” …”Why, yes we do”).

Or we might want to reiterate that our Blue Widgets are the standard in military applications (e.g. “Do your Blue Widgets conform to NATO standards?” …”Why, yes they do, and are used by every member country”).

Just going through the benefits lists of our major product lines should give us many ideas about how they could be turned into entries on the FAQ page. Don’t forget the ‘About Us’ page though – there should be some company selling points on that which could also provide FAQ content.