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Just around the corner

In an age where sales presentations can be made online with very little disadvantage compared to a face-to-face meeting, why do many large companies retain regional sales offices? For many of them, compared to having everyone working from a central site, it must be difficult to justify the managerial difficulties and the additional costs.

One very good reason is that many customers do still appreciate local support, and a regional office can cover its costs by being more effective. So why is it that the only reference to the regional offices in the companies’ sales and marketing efforts is a lonely page on the company website listing the addresses, that nobody ever knows about until they’ve become a customer?

If I genuinely believed that having regional support (whether sales or technical) was an attraction for prospects, then I’d be making a lot of it in my marketing. But even if I only had one office, I’d be advertising differently in that region, advertising the fact that I was only down the road.