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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2023

Will marketing managers be replaced by AI?

In practice, the only people likely to be replaced by these new tools are those whose jobs are entirely on producing something to order.

How many items should we put on a page?

A decent compromise is to have everything in one list, but to have a simple ‘contents’ listing at the top, by category.

The page titles that Google really wants

If we get a list of the first 10, 20 or 50 search result titles isolated in their own document, we can start to look for commonalities.

The Decoy Effect

If our competitor is offering a cheaper product, perhaps we can swing things our way with a ‘decoy’ offering…

You’re welcome to The Machine

For those who don’t feel they have the time to maintain a controlled search advertising campaign, consider giving it to an agency to manage.

Getting the message over with an animated GIF

Conventional video works, but it’s not always likely that people will click on one …unlike an animated GIF, which plays automatically.

A smart take on content quality

While the floor for successful content continues to rise, the ceiling is still higher than most of us can imagine.

The most useful types of information for customers

Together, these half dozen items form the value and trust which should be a priority in our sales communications.

Microsoft and Google slug it out

If you’re interested in what’s happening, I’d recommend watching the videos on the announcement page here.

Excel charts don’t have to be dull and boring

There are no end of good tutorials online, and reading or watching them will prove to be a very worthwhile couple of hours.

Putting the FAQs page to work

Just going through the benefits lists of our major products should give us ideas for entries on the FAQ page.

Getting the title we want in the search results

To get the page title we want in the search results, one tip I’ve seen recommended is to double down and use the same title and main headline

What can generative AI do for me?

For those that simply want inspiration about what generative AI might be able to do for them, there are some great articles around.

What will happen to my old Google Analytics data?

What will happen to the data in the old system? ‘Turndown’ is on 1 July 2024. I’m assuming this means that data will be unavailable from then.

Marketing to existing customers isn’t free

Whether we decide we need to spend 5% or 50% of our marketing budget on existing customers, are we actually doing that?

Just around the corner

Even if I only had one office, I’d be advertising differently in that region, advertising the fact that I was only down the road.

Farewell to the https lock icon

The Chrome browser (the most widely-used in the world) is going to remove the ‘lock’ icon shown on sites using https.

Suppliers need to take care to care

New recruits to marketing should have time put aside to immerse themselves in the technology, the industry, and the issues faced by customers.

How to find new keywords for free

While there are a few professional tools out there, there are also some which don’t cost anything, ideal for casual SEO exercises.

Worthy but not at all dull

With thoughts turning to the summer holidays, here’s a list of interesting marketing books to browse through.