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What would they miss about us?

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently wrote on his thought-for-the-day blog: “When a marketer serves a community, they create the conditions where they’d be missed – because the ideas or products or services they bring are important, not simply tolerated.” He was explaining that communities remain when somebody moves away, but it’s a worthwhile goal for a member of a community to contribute something that’ll be missed.

This is a great starting point if we’re ever faced with a blank screen and a need to write something about our business. What are we bringing to our market sector, but more importantly, if we weren’t there, what would it miss about us? If our customers had to turn to another supplier, how would things get worse for them? Or are we even making some sort of contribution that couldn’t be replicated?

Worth a thought – if nothing else, it could be the first step to a much better ‘About Us’ page.