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Three elements of good sales adverts

The other day, a friend showed me an advert he’d made, and asked for some feedback. It certainly got through a lot of bullet points about what his service could offer, and it definitely wasn’t boring.

But I came away thinking: “What was the message?”

I went back to basics. To me, there are three stages to creating most sales adverts, and these apply regardless of medium – they’re relevant to print, to web, to video, whatever.

  • The first is to ensure we’re clear what we want the target of the advert to do when they’ve been exposed to it.
  • Then we need to work out the benefits we can offer which will encourage them to do that.
  • Finally, we need to create the advert, stating those benefits, and following them with a clear call to action.

When I looked at my friend’s advert with that in mind, the problems became obvious. There was a call to action in there somewhere, but there were also too many methods presented of how to do it. And the relevant benefits were all there too, but buried within a load of irrelevant ones.

I’d suggest that most adverts are created without these three elements in mind. And every year, billions of pounds are wasted.