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Should I release pages in batches?

Some perceived wisdom about search engines has no evidence to back it up. But one piece that does, is the answer to the question: “If I’m publishing a lot of pages, should I spread their release over a period of time to help the search engines?” The perceived wisdom is that you should spread things out, because Google has said so. (Well, actually it’s said that it won’t hurt to push it all out at once, but it might trigger a manual review, which could cause delays.)

But things change. As Search Engine Roundtable has just noted, Google is now saying: “If it’s great content that the internet has missed and which users have been waiting for, why would you artificially delay it?”

So we can assume that the situation has evolved. However, if we genuinely had many (perhaps hundreds) of pages of genuinely new, solid content, I’d still be a little wary and perhaps release them steadily. If nothing else, it’ll give them breathing space to be noticed individually. But a mass of product or shopping catalogue pages? Just get them published.