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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2023

Don’t use AI wrongly on purpose

Instead of trying to find out if we’re out of a job, we should be investigating if generative AI can help us be better at it.

Are backlinks important in SEO in 2023?

One of the many factors that Google uses to determine which pages to show in its search results is backlinks. Here’s an updated overview.

Mission Statements vs Vision Statements: who cares?

We should care about having a mission statement. But what about a vision statement? If it’s genuinely going to make a statement, then yes.

SEO is going to be important for a long time yet

Despite the big developments going on in the IT sector, search engine optimisation is going to be as important as ever for a long time yet.

How one publisher delighted its advertisers

Here’s a story of knowing what made an effective advert was quietly used in one corner of print publishing for many years to great effect.

A tricky outlook for Google

‘Existential crisis at Google’ on your online marketing bingo card for 2023 probably wouldn’t have been a box likely to be ticked

Another reason why links remain important

The amount of spam on the web is almost unimaginable now, and the impact of good links should not be underestimated.

Not yet thanks

Somehow I don’t think those of us who manage search advertising will be letting go of control and oversight for a while yet.

Building higher can still work

Once we’ve identified an attractive search term, the ‘skyscraper technique’ is a long-established method of ranking highly for that term.

Three elements of good sales adverts

Years ago, when I edited a print magazine, the most cost-effective adverts were the ‘free literature’ ones at the back of each issue…

Should I release pages in batches?

If you’ve got a mass of product or shopping catalogue pages, then there’s no problem in just publishing them all in one go.

How long should a paragraph be?

I think that this article is about right for modern use. It’s 214 words long, but has 7 paragraphs, ranging from 1 sentence to 3.

How does that work then?

If we get into the habit of explaining everything properly, our customers won’t switch off before they get to the good bits.

What would they miss about us?

If our customers had to turn to another supplier, how would things get worse for them? It’s worth a thought.

Upgrade to GA4: your search ads may depend on it

One group of users who must ensure GA4 is working by 1 July is Google Ads advertisers whose bidding strategies are linked to conversions.

PDF upgrade for WordPress sites

With the Adobe Embedded PDF Viewer plugin, website owners can control the size and position of a PDF document embedded into a page

GA4: keep an open mind

Those readers struggling with the changeover to Google Analytics 4 might like to know that you’re not alone.